Our proper workmanship guarantee, guarantees that we will do all work of a high quality to meet all industry standards, and it covers any defects, issues, or touch ups needed, caused by us or our work, and also includes any clean-up needed at end of project. Customer has the right to point out any and all touch ups, clean up, or any other work fixed prior to payment, and we will fix them free of charge prior to final payment. As we are extremely professional and careful, touch ups are typically minor, and common touch ups include fixing a couple lines, drywall imperfections still needing patching, or minor vacuuming/clean up. Customer’s exact standards or tastes may vary, but we aim to please everyone. We do all touch ups to completion prior to final payment. If any room is unable to be touched up/done to industry standards, (and we have the opportunity to fix all touch ups/work), then you do not have to pay for that room. Your satisfaction is our top priority!